Goals, Metrics and Challenges — oh my!

This week in my Social Media Theory & Practice class, we were asked to create a list of goals for our social media presence. In thinking about my blog, my first goal is to be a resource for others in my profession to learn more about what makes marketing higher ed unique from marketing in the corporate sector. I believe that by providing some of my firsthand experiences in the diverse projects that I work on (good and bad), I can give insight on project management and overall marketing strategy. I am also looking at this blog not just as an avenue to share my expertise, but to learn from others as well. Maybe someone had a similar project, but approached it a different way. I want to be a learner as much as a teacher and hope to interact with readers of my blog.


Also, I really see my blog and Twitter being intertwined. Twitter is my professional persona on social media. This is where I participate in Twitter chats, retweet article links about higher ed or marketing, and make connections with others in my profession. I need to make an effort to use Twitter more and integrate it into my weekly work flow. So, with these thoughts in mind, below are my goals for my blog and Twitter account. When it comes to other social media, Facebook is more private for me, and the only professional connection is my work title in the About Me section. Facebook is where I connect with family and friends versus network professionally. However, another under used social media presence I have is LinkedIn. To be honest, beyond sending and accepting connections and belonging to a few groups that have email digests, I haven’t actively participated in LinkedIn since I joined. I would like better understand its features and use it more frequently.


  • Minimum of 2 blog posts per week (at least 500 words); photo of campus/event/projects
  • Link to blog posts from Twitter account to help drive traffic to blog
  • Regularly tweet about cool events I attend or new projects I am brought on board with (not just sporadic retweets of article links)
  • Participate in one Twitter chat per month (I have made some really good professional connections during these chats, and I like the fast-paced nature of them — they really challenge you to use Twitter to its maximum effect)
  • Link my blog posts from my LinkedIn account to help drive traffic to blog


  • For my blog, I plan to measure at the number of views a post has received, the number of comments each post receives and the number of visitors to my blog.
  • For Twitter, I plan to track the number of followers I have, as well as the number of retweets and favorites that my tweets receive.
  • For LinkedIn, I plan to track the number of connections I have (even looking beyond those I have personally and into my connections’ networks to see if I can connect with any of my connections’ connections (if that makes sense :).


  • In order to help give my content a superboost of steroids, I plan to take on a two week challenge of blogging everyday for 14 days, even if posts are short and some days I use photos. This will help build my content and make the blog more interesting for readers. I think 2 weeks will be a good push to help blogging become a habit and to help create a regular stream of content.

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