Social Media & the Use of Photos (Feedback on My Photo Posts)

Let’s face it — in today’s hyper-visual world online, photos (and videos) are a must when creating and sharing content. Even though we haven’t had the best weather in Middle TN this week, I choose to post photos of the Tennessee Tech campus on both my personal Facebook and Twitter pages. These reason I choose these social tools is because even on my personal accounts, I represent the university (and never forget that), and I was curious to see how many likes/shares/retweets/favorites photos of campus would get compared to my standard fare of kid photos that usually are posted in my news feeds. I posted the photos early in the morning, and by lunch, they had 13 likes, 2 comments and one share on Facebook out of a total of 368 friends. On Twitter, my set of photos were retweeted 3 times by our TTU Athletics Director, TTU Parents Association and TTU Office of Student Orientation. Total exposure on Twitter counting my followers (69) and the number of followers on retweets (1,083) was 1,152. So by far, my reach on Twitter was greater versus Facebook.

In reflecting on using photos and social media, I think I need to make a greater effort to use Twitter versus Facebook. Facebook is my comfort zone — it was the first social media I regularly adopted and it is a place where I catch up on news about my family and friends. Twitter is more for professional use, and I need to take the time to cultivate that. As seen from the retweets I got — those are all professional level connections that help keep the university top of mind for some of our key audiences (sports, parents and new students). I intend to post a photo at least 1-2 times per week on my Twitter feed and include photos with each blog post. Image

I am really enjoying doing a separate photo-a-day project for class — it allows me to capture the randomness of my life with work, kids and all in a way I wasn’t doing before. I think that I would like to do a project where I post one photo a day of each of my kids and create a person album year in the life of to see when they get older.


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