Blog Feedback

So I showed my Unleash Your Awesomeness blog on higher ed marking to a coworker in my Communications & Marketing Office. I asked her opinion on the overall look and feel of my blog, and it was pointed out that I might be violating my own trademark and licensing policy (of which I maintain) by using the eagle graphic. They also thought it made my blog look like it was trying to hard, and that if I wanted it to be taken seriously as a presenting me as a knowledgeable expert in the higher ed marketing field, that I should choose a different theme and rework the artwork, so I did ( Still not exactly what I want in the overall look, but it is getting there. 

As for content and features, my coworkers agreed that chronicling some of my major projects could be insightful to my potential audience. One of the voids in higher ed marketing is finding a thought leader that can take commercial marketing techniques and show how they can be used (for real results) in the higher education setting. Nationwide, there are only a few higher ed specific marketing firms (Noel-Levitz and Simpson Scarborough) that can provide resources. By talking about my projects and the challenges to overcome, my blog can be of use to my counterparts at other universities. I hope to be able to post at least 2x per week on the blog and draft my own strategy for self-promotion. After working in marketing for 10 years (half my time in a corporate setting and half in higher ed), my current position is not just a job for me, it is my career. I hope to use my blog and other social media tools (Twitter & LinkedIn) to establish myself as a leader and resource in this area.

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